Details About Wall Cladding!

Wall Cladding come in different types and forms. They are also available in 3D Wall Panels as well as Normal Wooden Panels. The Wall claddings not only differs in terms of Materials but also differ in terms of texture & dimensions. However, the most common indoor wall cladding types are Wood, Steel & Brick Claddings.

Types of Wall Claddings

Stone Cladding

This is one of the highly sorted type of wall cladding. It can either have a steel or a concrete wall base. They are also known as lightweight simulated stone. These stones have a concrete type-base that helps in installing the stone and fixing it to the wall.This kind of claddings are mainly used in living rooms, indoor gardens and on Bathroom Walls. Even though a bit pricy this cladding is highly durable.

Brick Cladding

This cladding type provides an earthy and attractive look to interior spaces. Even though the installation of this is slightly difficult in the long run it’s more advantageous as it has low maintenance cost. It is a budget friendly type of cladding with a great appeal.

Wooden Cladding

This is one of the most aesthetically appealing cladding amongst them all. Wooden cladding is known for its beautiful finish, hence used to increase aesthetic appeal of a space. So this is mostly used to improve the aesthetic appearance. Two commonly used wooden cladding materials are Cedar or Redwood. Wooden cladding instalment is a very expensive process. Its maintenance is also costly which makes this a costly cladding option.

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