About Curtains

When it comes to curtains, choosing the right kind is always a challenge. Fret not! As we are there to help you by not only telling you the wide variety of curtains currently available in the market but also help you choose the kind most suitable for your needs.

Types of Curtains

Pleated Curtains

It’s heavy and thick fabric is most suitable for a formal or traditional set-up. There are various types of pleated curtain. They are all listed below:

Pinch Pleat (Tailor Pleat)

This is the most favorite type currently. As the name suggest the pleats of this curtain are stitched and pinched at the top and the curtain flows below to generate a graceful and a formal look. They come in two dinger to five finger pleats. The more the pleats the fuller the curtains look. The most popularly used are three-finger pleats curtains. These curtains will look good in master bedrooms, siting rooms or entertaining rooms.

Box Pleat

These kinds of curtains are mostly suited for dining rooms, lounges or bedrooms. The folds run continuously and deep along the entire length of the curtain. Covering the entire length with an exquisite appearance.

Goblet Pleat

Most suited for huge formal rooms with high ceilings. The name is derived from goblet or wine glass. It has a delicate pleat structure, it is recommended keep this curtain stationary and to be just used as a decorative element for the window. They are defiantly not a good options when it comes to curtains with a high mobility and usage.

Pencil Pleat

These kinds of curtains have a much finer pleat amongst them all which makes it simpler to go with many curtain rods or hooks. These are the most informal when compaired with box or goblet pleat.These are perfect for Bedrooms and Livings of contemporary style.

Eyelet Curtains

This has a modern look, these curtains are supported by open rings that are inserted to panels. While installing this one must take care that panels and rings chosen are aesthetically appealing as they will be visible.

Rod-Pocket Curtains

Liner Wallpapers more commonly known as lining paper. It is basically used for hiding defects on the wall. Thus, lining reduces the cost of wall repairs. It also can be used as a base for more intricate and dainty kinds of wallpapers.It can be painted or can be used in a plain form.Liner wallpapers are easy to apply as well as easy to remove.

Table top Curtains

Easy to use and install they are hung from the top seam of panels supported by curtain rods. As they hang lower they can decorated with patterned fabric. Hence they can be a really good addition to farmhouses or a cottage home décor.

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