About Blinds

Types of Blinds

Vertical blinds

These kinds of blinds are more suitable for large glass doors, backyard doors or patio doors. Basically any unit that needs floor to lintel level coverage. They can block light completely from getting inside and are also great for big windows. They are made of essentially two kinds of materials Vinyl and Fabric. They slide right to left rather than left to right. They are fairly cheap and easy to install.

Venetian Blinds

These blinds consist of metal, wood or plastic slats horizontally stacked one above the other. They are held together by cords or pieces of fabric. These hold the slats at equidistance from each other so that they can tilt up to 180 degrees. They are the most popular kinds of blinds currently available in the market. Two kinds of Venetian Blinds are Mini and Macro blinds. Mini slat sizes are usually about an inch or so whereas micro has only ½ inch slats.

Panel Blinds

Consisting of thin fibers that hang vertically at first glance may seem similar to vertical blinds. However the main difference is that those blinds instead of having many thin slats have wider sections. Most commonly placed on glass sliding doors. They don’t tilt or rotate but slide side to side to allow light to enter. Some of the advantages of these blinds are as follows: a. Soft Fabrics b. Easy to clean c. Often cheaper than other options. d. Economical (No Plastic Used)

Roller Blinds

Similar to Venetian Blinds are convenient and easier to operate than Venetian Blinds as instead of rotating stats they roll up and down to cover the window. They come with a locking mechanics which holds them in place. They are cheap and easy to install, they also come in variety of fabrics such as Water Proof, energy-efficient or a standard option.

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